About the Laboratory

The Laboratory provides the theoretical and primarily practical teaching in the field of testing of materials, and diagnostics of buildings. Students learn about testing procedures, and assessment methods of building materials and structures. Understanding of properties of commonly used building materials is one of the basic requirements for the graduates in all fields of construction engineering.

Modern equipment makes it possible to carry out destructive and none-destructive test on the following building materials:

  • aggregates and building stones;
  • cements and mortars;
  • concretes – common and speciality;
  • ceramic products;
  • wood and wood-based products;
  • metals.

The laboratory equipment is used by students during teaching, and also for project work and for their final degree works.

The Laboratory collaborates with other departments in the Faculty and in the University. In the research and development of building materials, the Laboratory provides technical support during tasks that required within grant-funded and other research projects.

The Laboratory actively collaborates with external bodies, by carrying out tests of commonly used building materials, the development of new building materials, carrying out diagnostic examinations of civil and transport constructions, and carrying out assessments of fortified foundation compounds and concretes laid underground.

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