About the Institute

The Faculty of Civil Engineering was in 2002 designated an Expert Institute, and is entered in Volume II. of the Register of Expert Institutes qualified to carry out expert activities in the fields of projects, construction and economics.

As an expert institute, the Faculty is authorised to give expert opinion and provide expert evidence for the following:

  • building industry;
  • industrial and urban engineering;
  • civil engineering;
  • geotechnics and transport constructions;
  • mining and underground engineering;
  • mining engineering;
  • theory of structures;
  • constructions of mines and geotechnics;
  • building materials and diagnostics of structures;
  • pricing and assessment of real properties.

Within the framework of the expert institute, there are foremost specialists from the Faculty’s Departments, who utilised their extensive experience when producing expert opinions. Expert opinions are prepared upon request of Government bodies, or by private individuals, and can deal with causes of malfunction or failure of building constructions, or with the effects and consequences of mining activity and its effects on buildings.

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