About the Department

The Department of Structures offers students a wide variety of courses from the field of actions on structures, and the design of building and bridge structures.

Graduates from these courses will acquire the requisite professional knowledge of the design and execution of all types of concrete, masonry, steel, and wooden structures. All courses focus primarily on residential and commercial buildings, in addition to the construction of industrial, transport, and underground structures. Courses also cover problems specific to the Moravian-Silesian Region, such as design of structures in undermined areas, and the recovery, reconstruction, and maintenance of industrial sites.

The professional and scientific research activities of the Department focus on the following areas:

  • reliability of building structures;
  • mathematical modelling of behaviour of structures (time dependent phenomena, non-linear properties of materials, subsoil interaction);
  • steel, concrete, masonry, or composite structures and bridges;
  • behaviour of structures in extreme conditions (thermal load, fire, deformation, water flows);
  • reconstruction, reinforcement and underpinning of constructions;
  • foundations of structures
  • monitoring of fatigue cracks in steel structures
  • CAD, automated design of structures.

In these areas, students on all degree programmes – Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral - will gain specialised knowledge, and develop key professional skills. The Department also provides tuition and supervision to Ph.D. students in the field of Theory of Construction.

The Department of Structures collaborates with other departments involved in similar fields of study and research at Czech and foreign universities, as well as the Czech Academy of Sciences. It also actively participates in the development of new computational methods and procedures, leading to their implementation in design codes and advanced modelling of structures.

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