List of courses for the current academic year.

221-0003Concrete Structures
221-0004Masonry structures
221-0006Branch excursion
221-0008Steel and Timber Structures
221-0011Fire Safety Buildings
221-0018Structural fire design
221-0020Concrete Bridges
221-0022Steel Bridges
221-0024Metal and timber structures II
221-0026Precast concrete structures
221-0027BIM design of steel structures
221-0036Concrete and Masonry Structures
221-0059Concrete Structures Elements
221-0061Prestressed Concrete
221-0201Actions on Building Structures
221-0202Concrete Structures Elements
221-0203Concrete and Masonry Structures
221-0204Elements of Steel and Timber Structures
221-0205Steel and Timber Structures
221-0206Constructions of Bridge Structures
221-0207Masonry Structures
221-0208BIM Modelling of Constructions
221-0209Industrial and Technological Buildings
221-0301Structural Fire Design
221-0302Prestressed Concrete
221-0303Metal and Timber Structures
221-0304Concrete Structures
221-0305Concrete Bridges
221-0306Steel Bridges
221-0307Selected Topics from Steel and Timber Structures
221-0308Precast Concrete Structures
221-0309Timber bridges
221-0310Static Assessment Automatization
221-0311Diploma thesis
221-0401Metal and composite structures
221-0402Structures exposed to the effects of extreme loads
221-0403Timber structures
221-0404Masonry and Composite Structures
221-0405Reinforced and prestressed concrete structures
221-0406Subsoil-Structure Interaction
221-0926Actions on Building Structures
221-0927Elements of Steel and Timber Structures
221-0934Constructions of Bridge Structures
221-0935Masonry and Composite Structures
221-0936Metal Structures of Building and Technological Constructions
221-0937Metal Structures of Bridges
221-0938Composite Structures of Bridges and Building Constructions
221-0939Concrete Structures
221-0940Thermal Analysis of Structures
221-0941Fire Resistance of Building Structures
221-0942Constructions in Undermined Areas
221-0943Foundation Constructions
221-0944Prestressed Concrete
221-0945Metal and Timber Structures
221-0950Diploma Project
221-0964Timber Structures

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