List of courses for the current academic year.

222-0204Territorial Planning
222-0206Legal Regulations in Building Industry
222-0211Technical Infrastructure
222-0215Project I.
222-0234Barrier-Free Traffic
222-0256Basics of Facility Management
222-0257Spatial Information Systems
222-0258Geodesy In Civil Engineering
222-0303Municipal Engineering
222-0306Investment Processes
222-0307Diploma Project
222-0312Mathematical Modelling
222-0315Waterwork Constructions
222-0316Facility management
222-0318Tender and Cost Calculation
222-0319Economy and Management in Civil Engineering
222-0320Municipal Engineering
222-0322Infrastructure of city
222-0325Development of Cities and Municipalities
222-0327Building Information Modeling
222-0328Creation of Seats Enviroment
222-0329Brownfield´s regeneration
222-0333Construction Law in Municipal Engineering
222-0334Public infrastructure I
222-0335Public infrastructure II
222-0336Structural and economical construction preparation process
222-0337Udržitelný rozvoj urbanizovaných území
222-0974Technical and economic modeling and decision-making processes
222-0975Investments and investment processes in the area
222-0976Life cycle management of buildings
222-0977Development and reliability of the construction of technical infrastructure in the area
222-0978Urbanism as ethics and aesthetics of the building sites and cities
222-0979Spatial Information Systems
222-0980Public open areas and their equipment

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