The Department offers Bachelor's and a follow-on Master's study programme in Building Materials and Diagnostics of Structures.

The Department produces graduates who are specialists in the development and testing of building materials and structures, research and design of technologies in the reclamation and reconstruction of buildings and historic structures.

Other subjects taught by the Department are:

  • development and testing of building materials and structures based on alternative (secondary reused) raw materials;
  • ecology and revitalization of land affected by mining of minerals, problems of disused brownfield land a waste recycling;
  • special technology and materials used in underground construction and in the mining of minerals and raw materials;
  • technical and construction explorations and Diagnostics of historical materials and constructions.

Subjects are taught in the form of theory and also in the form of practicals in the Department's laboratory of destructive and non-destructive testing of building elements and constructions, and in the faculty laboratory of building materials. The Bachelor's theses and diplomas, and all research activities are carried out in a close collaboration with the Institute of Geonics at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in Ostrava. As a part of the course, students take part in excursions to manufacturing plants and building sites.

Students' graduate work and research activities are in close collaboration with domestic as well as foreign companies and science and research places. The Department is responsive to the specific issues in construction practice. The most successful graduates have the opportunity to continue to a Doctoral degree. Our graduates regularly win prizes in students' competitions, such as the Students' science projects, competitions organised by the Czech Concrete Society, and competitions by the Scientific and Technical Society for the rehabilitation and preservation of monuments.

The Department's scientific activities and expertise include research into:

  • precious natural building and decorative stone;
  • aggregates;
  • concrete (including high-strength and light-weight concrete, wire and fibre concrete);
  • pozzolanic cements (with added metacaolins, ash - fluid and classic);
  • alkali activated materials and geopolymers;
  • polyurethane resin based materials;
  • wood and wood-based materials and structures;
  • secondary raw materials and recycled building materials;
  • diagnostics and rehabilitation and recovery of building materials (especially bridges) and development of rehabilitation technologies;
  • historic building materials;
  • liquidation of mining activities and revitalisation of land.

The Department endeavours to apply their findings in basic and applied research. Staff members regularly publish in domestic and foreign scientific journals and are holders of inventions, patents and utility models.

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