List of courses for the current academic year.

223-0005Secondary materials from mining, metallurgy, energy and civil engineering
223-0052Diagnostic of Buildings
223-0053Building materials II
223-0054The influence of building on the environment
223-0057Building materials I
223-0067Specialized Project I
223-0068EIA and SEA
223-0070Specialized Project II
223-0071Technology of concrete and binders II
223-0072Rehabilitation of Structures
223-0075Sustainable development of urban area
223-0076Technologies of quarrying of building raw materials
223-0077Chemistry and Building materials
223-0078Building materials
223-0079Diagnostics of Structures
223-0080Technology of Concrete and Binders
223-0081Microstructure of building materials
223-0082Degradation processes and durability of building materials
223-0083Materials Engineering
223-0084Silicate materials and technologies
223-0085Rehabilitation technologies
223-0086Non-destructive testing course
223-0087Historical building materials and technologies
223-0088Bachelor thesis
223-0089Preparation for the implementation of the quality system and the basics of the environmental management system
223-0090Laboratory analysis of building materials
223-0091Technological processes during manufacturing of building materials
223-0092BIM for diagnostics of buildings
223-0093Rehabilitation of concrete structures
223-0094Fundamentals of Testing and Metrology
223-0095Building materials in practice
223-0096Theory of building materials microstructure
223-0097Environmental Impact Assessment
223-0099Special construction materials
223-0100Rehabilitation of Structures
223-0101Non-convencional building materials
223-0102Analytical and diagnostic measurements in the building industry
223-0103Building Components Technology
223-0104Alternative raw building materials
223-0105Project I
223-0106Project II
223-0108Diploma thesis
223-0109Quality management methods
223-0110Wastes and waste materials
223-0111Brownfield management
223-0114Building materials
223-0115Secondary Raw Materials
223-0116Building Materials
223-0117Ecological and economical efficiency of spatial and spatial planning tools
223-0118Building materials
223-0201Environmental Impact Assessment
223-0202Quality management of building structures
223-0203Building Components Technology
223-0206Silicate Technologies
223-0207Testing of Building Materials and Products
223-0208Diagnostics of Building Structures
223-0212Dissertation Project
223-0305Ecological Engineering
223-0312Experimental methods in structural analysis
223-0313Technology of Concrete

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