List of courses for the current academic year.

224-0201Soil and Rock Mechanics
224-0202Foundation Engineering
224-0204Environmental Geotechnics
224-0205Rock and Soil Improvement
224-0208Foundation Engineering in Difficult Conditions
224-0209Geotechnical Monitoring
224-0211Driving and Blasting Works
224-0213Driving of Underground Openings and Blasting Works
224-0218Soil Mechanics and Foundation
224-0219Bachelor ´s Thesis
224-0220Mechanics of Underground Structures
224-0223Technicaql Blasting and Their Impacts
224-0224Modeling in Geotechnics
224-0225Underground Engineering
224-0226Geotechnical Constructions
224-0228Statics and Dynamics of Geotechnical Structures
224-0229Underground and Geotechnical Constructions
224-0231Underground Engineering
224-0235Diploma Project
224-0239Excavation and Supporting of Underground Constructions
224-0241Computer aided design of geotechnical structures
224-0243Investigation Methods in Geotechnical Engineering
224-0244Shaft Sinking and Unconventional methods of the Excavation of Underground Constructions
224-0245Special Methods in Geomechanics
224-0249Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology
224-0252Ventilation for buildings and underground construction
224-0253Surveying in Tunnel Construction
224-0902Theoretical Geomechanics
224-0903Engineering Geology
224-0904Applied Geomechanics
224-0905Slopes Stability and Slides
224-0906Monitoring and Back Analyses in Geotechnical Engineering
224-0907Foundation Engineering
224-0909Improvement of Rocks and Soils
224-0910Engineering Classification of Rocks
224-0912Excavation of Underground Opening and Shifting
224-0913Seismic loads of structures
224-0914Underground Engineering
224-0915Geotechnics and Geotechnical Constructions
224-0916Mechanics of Underground Structures
224-0919Environmental Geotechnics
224-0922Geophysical survey methods
224-0924Hydrogeology and Dewatering
224-0925The stability of foundations and foundation pits
224-0926Mathematical and physical modelling v geotechnics
224-0927Soil Mechanics
224-0928Rock mechanics
224-0929Modelling of hydrogeological processes

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