List of courses for the current academic year.

225-0007Building Constructions III.
225-0010Building Technology and Management
225-0026Excursions focused on realization of constructions
225-0027Comprehensive assessment of buildings
225-0038Building Constructions IV.
225-0064Building Constructions I.
225-0066Building Constructions II.
225-0070Building Technologies
225-0086Organization and Management of Building Up
225-0088Preparation of Building-up and Management
225-0089Construction of the Structural Engineering
225-0092Building constructions
225-0901Theory of Building Design
225-0906Failures, Reconstructions and Rehabilitation of Constructions
225-0907Preparation and Management of the Construction Process
225-0910Special Constructions and Technologies
225-0912Project I.
225-0914CAD systems in the process of construction;;;
225-0916Reconstruction and Saving of Historical Construction
225-0918Project II.
225-0920Safety Management of Building-up
225-0922Working Experience
225-0923The Working Experience
225-0924Thesis (Diploma Thesis)
225-0926Organizing and Management of Building-up
225-0928Industry and Building Construction I.
225-0929Industry and Building Construction II.
225-0930Reconstruction and Redevelop Building
225-0931Building Energy and Sustainable Construction
225-0932Project I.
225-0933Project II.
225-0935Theory of desicion making and risks of biuldings
225-0939Work at Height Safety
225-0941Technical excursion

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