List of courses for the current academic year.

226-0005Theory and aesthetics of architecture
226-0006Protection and restoration of historic buildings
226-0201Architecture Design Studio I.
226-0230Application of Ecology
226-0247History of Civil Engineering and Architecture
226-0302Doctrine of Building
226-0303Renewal of Sights
226-0304Urban planning
226-0306Theory of architectura and psychology
226-0309Architecture Design Studio I
226-0310Architecture Design Studio II
226-0311Urban Planning Design Studio I
226-0312Architecture Design Studio III
226-0313Urban Planning Design Studio II
226-0315Spatial composition of architectural forms
226-0316Greenery of Landscape
226-0317Ethics and aesthetics in architecture
226-0318material in architecture
226-0319Studio interior
226-0320Pre-final thesis seminar
226-0321Final thesis
226-0401Foundations of Composition
226-0402Architectural Drawing 1
226-0403Architectural Design Studio ZAN 1
226-0404Building Typology 1
226-0405Foundamentals of Graphics and Digital Media
226-0406Architectural Design Studio ZAN 2
226-0407History of Architecture 1
226-0408Building Typology 2
226-0409Architecture Design Studio 1
226-0410History of Architecture 2
226-0411Architectural Design Studio 2
226-0412Building Typology 3
226-0413History of Architecture 3
226-0414Fundamentals of Urbanism and Spatial Planning
226-0415Fundamentals of Modelling
226-0416Architectural Design Studio 3
226-0417History of Architecture 4
226-0418Fundamentals of Sculpture
226-0419Architectural Drawing 2
226-0420Architectural Design Studio 4
226-0423History of Art
226-0424Architectural Design Studio 5
226-0425History of Architecture 6
226-0426Architecture of Low-energy Buildings
226-0427Greenery in the built-up area
226-0430History of Architecture
226-0431Fundamentals of Architectural Design 1
226-0432Fundamentals of Architectural Design 2
226-0433Fundamentals of Architectural Design
226-0501Architectural Space, Public Space and Urban Detail
226-0502Building Typology, Practical Theory
226-0503Protection and Restoration of Historical Objects
226-0504Urbanism and Planning of Cities
226-0505Greenery and Landscape
226-0506Interior Studio
226-0507Architectural Design 1
226-0509Urban Design Studio 1
226-0510Architectural Design 2
226-0511Ethics and Aesthetics
226-0512Materials in Architecture
226-0513Diploma Thesis Seminar
226-0514Urban Design Studio 2
226-0515Architectural Design 3
226-0516Law for Architects
226-0517Economics for Architects
226-0518Diploma Project

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