The Department of Transport Constructions teaches design, construction, reconstruction, modernisation, and repair and maintenance of transport structures, and the subject of Transport Engineering as a tool for the effective planning and utilisation of transport systems. Teaching is focused primarily on road transport, such as roads, highways, bridges, local roads, intersections, cycle paths and pedestrian walkways, and rail transport, such as railway lines, railway stations and junctions, and urban rail transport, and on integrated public transport. We pay special attention to transport safety, the effect of transport infrastructure on the environment, and transport modelling.

The specialist subjects are based on the knowledge of theory, including mathematics and physics, and on the specialist knowledge of geodesy, foundations engineering, properties of building materials, building technology and so on. Courses are taught in Czech language, some subject are also taught in English.

Our Graduates find employment in project design, and preparation and implementation of transportation facilities, and further in the investment and assessment aspects of transportation engineering, including Central Government and Local Government departments.

The Department also provides external consultancy services in the design and assessment of road transportation, railways, transportation facilities, the effects of transport on the environment, and the issues of transport engineering. Our research will continue to address the problems of linear constructions under special conditions, such as the effects of mining, landslides, flood areas etc., and on improving transport safety.

The Department of Transport Constructions collaborates significantly with the Government and Local Government departments and organisations and with other national and international Universities.

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