List of courses for the current academic year.

227-0006An Introduction to Civil Engineering
227-0051Transportation Structures
227-0101Superstructure and Substructure
227-0102Design of Highways and Motorways
227-0104Project I. - Semestral Project
227-0106Designing of Railway Stations and Railway Centers
227-0108Project II. - Semestral Project
227-0110Diploma Project
227-0111Integrated Transport Systems
227-0305Intelligent Transportation Systems I
227-0307Organization and Traffic Structures Management
227-0308Road and Rail Traffic Safety
227-0312Traffic Control Systems
227-0314Preparation Processes of Investment Construction
227-0316Actual Trends in Traffic Engineering
227-0401Traffic Structures
227-0403Railway Infrastructure
227-0404Traffic Engineering
227-0405Highway Engineering
227-0406Software for Traffic Structures
227-0407Urban Roads and Intersections
227-0408Railway Structures
227-0409Construction Machines and Mechanisms
227-0410Project I
227-0411Integrated Systems of Public Transport
227-0412Road Signaling and Organization Transport
227-0413Project II
227-0414Bachelor Thesis
227-0415BIM for Transport Constructions
227-0416Realization Transport Constructions
227-0417Special Excursion
227-0451Intelligent Transportation Systems
227-0452Superstructure and Substructure
227-0453Design of Highways and Motorways
227-0454Traffic Safety
227-0455Traffic Modelling
227-0456Diagnostics, Maintenance and Repair of Roads
227-0457Designing of Railway Stations and Railway Centers
227-0459Diploma Thesis
227-0460Planning of Traffic and Area Servicing
227-0461Actual Trends in Transport Constructions
227-0491Traffic Engineering Applications for Design of Constructions
227-0492Design of Advanced Transport System
227-0904Traffic and line structures
227-0950Transport Constructions
227-0954Traffic Engineering

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