The knowledge of Structural Mechanics is the basis for safe and economical designs of building structures and for assessment of their reliability and durability, which the students gradually learn on the Bachelor's programme in the Department of Structural Mechanics on the subjects of construction statics, statics of building structures, flexibility and plasticity, computer-aided statics calculations, and the reliability of building structures, of which some are taught in computer laboratories. Most students in the Department (and in the computer laboratories) are following the Bachelor's degree programme in Building Constructions, which is within the Civil Engineering field of study. These students are also taught the fundamentals of the finite element method, and the fundamentals of building dynamics. Master's degree graduates have the opportunity to pursue Structural Mechanics on a Doctoral degree level, which also include Numerical Methods and Reliability of Building Structures.

The Department's scientists are working on a number of research issues in Structural Mechanics, including:

  • development of methods for assessment of the reliability of building constructions;
  • a comprehensive solution to the problems of design and assessment of steel reinforcement and long mine underground works and their interaction with surrounding rock mass with nonlinear behaviour, and writing of the relevant software;
  • development of methods of numerical analysis of nonlinear behaviour of masonry, reinforced concrete, and wooden structures and their joints;
  • modelling loads on buildings, and the flow effects in the lowest layers of the atmosphere.

The teaching and research activities include close collaboration with related teams at Universities and Research Institutes in the Czech Republic and abroad, including Slovakia, Poland, Great Britain and USA.

The Department's teaching and research activities are closely connected to other Departments in the Faculty of Civil Engineering, and to related Departments in other Faculties of the VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava, to the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, and to other Departments of Structural Mechanics in the Czech Republic and beyond.

The Department organises an annual conference on Modelling in Mechanics.

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