List of courses for the current academic year.

228-0201Building statics
228-0202Statics of Building Structures I
228-0203Statics of Building Structures II
228-0204Elasticity and Plasticity
228-0205Computer Aided Structural Analysis
228-0206Reliability and Safety of Building Structures
228-0210Special numerical methods
228-0211Elasticity and plasticity II
228-0212Finite element method basics
228-0215Probabilistic Assessment of Structures
228-0216Advanced structural mechanics
228-0217Computational models of structures
228-0219Bachelor diploma work
228-0220Alghoritmization of Engineering Computations
228-0230Fundamentals of Structural Mechanics
228-0231Structural mechanics
228-0232Elasticity and plasticity
228-0233Structural analysis for Engineers
228-0234Algorithmization of engineering computations
228-0235Pružnost a plasticita II
228-0236Computer aided structural analysis
228-0237Introduction to Finite Element Method
228-0238Computational models of structures
228-0239Special numerical methods
228-0240Bachelor diploma work
228-0241Fundamentals of Structural Mechanics for Architects
228-0242Introduction to Elasticity and Plasticity
228-0301Structural Dynamics
228-0302Finite Element Method
228-0305Non-linear and fracture mechanics
228-0306Computational systems for special structural problems
228-0308Advanced modelling of structural static and dynamic tasks
228-0309Mechanics of structures
228-0310Mechanics of Materials
228-0311Dynamics for Civil Engineers
228-0312Finite Element Method
228-0313Probability computations in civil engineering
228-0314Computational systems for special problems
228-0315Advanced modelling of structural static and dynamic tasks
228-0316Numerical Modelling with Finite Element Method
228-0903Structural Mechanics
228-0904Reliability of Structures
228-0906Building Structures Dynamics
228-0908Composite Materials
228-0910Finite element method
228-0911Elasticity and Plasticity
228-0912Numerical modelling of building structures
228-0920Special problems of building mechanics
228-0921Numerical modelling of civil engineering structures
228-0922Dynamics and experiemental testing of building structures
228-0923Reliability and safety of structures

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