Bachelor Study

Detail of study branche

Faculty: Faculty of Civil Engineering
Study programme: Civil Engineering
Type of study: Bachelor
Code: 3607R030
Czech title: Building Structures
English title: Building Structures
Study period: 4 years
Guarantee department: Department of Structural Mechanics
Guarantee: doc. Ing. Martin Krejsa, Ph.D.
Key words: building structures, structural mechanics, bridges, transport structures, building environment
Branche profile: The "Building Structures" specialization prepares specialists for areas of statics and dynamics of structures. It also prepares designers of engineering and industry building structures and bridges. The graduates will have necessary knowledge in those areas and they will be able to design reinforced concrete, timber, masonry and metal structures. They will also obtain needed knowledge from related areas (transport engineering, geotechnics and others).
Vocational knowledge: - wide knowledge and understanging of structural mechanics and principles of structural design - wide theoretical knowledge (theory of elasticity, numerical methods, structural reliability concepts) - understanding of possibilities, of conditions and of limits of used methods and principles
Vocational skills: - resolve structural design problems with use of obtained knowledge - searching, sorting and intepretation of informations needed for structural design task - use of basic research approaches (numerical modelling, experimental testing, data analysis) which are necessary to resolve of practical problems in structural design
Vocational competences: - ability to independent decision making (including cases when only partial data are available) team work coordination including taking of responsibility fordecisions and results - ability to give arguments convincing arguments to both specialists and public (in area of structural design) - ability to make conclusions from team member opinions - ability to use all obtained knowledge
Alumnus profile: The graduate will be able to work in design offices (design of building structures) and also in other civil engineering companies with focus on design and building of bridges and industrial objects. They will be also able to work in areas of design and testing of civil engineering software.

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