Bachelor Study

Detail of study programme

Faculty: Faculty of Civil Engineering
Type of study: Bachelor
Code: B3607
Czech title: Stavební inženýrství
English title: Civil Engineering
Offered study branches: Building Structures
Study period: 4 years
Guarantee department: Department of Building Constructions
Guarantee: prof. Ing. Radim Čajka, CSc.
Key words: buildings, new buildings and reconstruction, building-up, area, organization and management
Programme profile: Degree Programme in Civil Engineering Bachelor's degree provides an universal education in civil engineering that focuses on the issues of building structures, geotechnical and civil engineering, urban construction and engineering, preparation and construction, road construction, facility management, building materials and building diagnostics, building environment. Graduates of this degree program will find opportunities in preparation of construction, in the engineer’s officem implementation firms and surveyor's office. The study can be deepen by the master's program in the study programme of the same name. The study program is part of a structured education system, and enables students to study in the Czech Republic and also abroad. Degree program is designed as a 4-years and after graduation student will receive the Bachelor (Bc) title.
Vocational knowledge: Graduates will aquire a wide specialized knowledge in the field of study and knowledge for independent work in a professional activities in the range of field of study and specialization.
Vocational skills: Based on the defined task is a graduate capable of solving common practical problems in the field of study. They will be able to use both theoretical and practical skills. Graduates will be able to rightly solve and interpret the basic procedures for solving concrete problem by using some selected research practices in the field.
Vocational competences: Be able to make an independent and responsible decisions in the contexts of known and defined problems, coordinate action of the teams, into the work includes account of problem and ethical dimension. They are able to summarize the findings and opinions of the working team, that are analyzed and evaluated separately. Their professional knowledge and skills can transmitted in a foreign language and acquire better knowledge in a field by themselves.
Alumnus profile: Graduates will find opportunities in a wide range of civil engineering (preparer, designer, construction manager, the official activities of government, building manager).

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