Doctoral Study

Detail of study branche

Faculty: Faculty of Civil Engineering
Study programme: Civil Engineering
Type of study: Doctoral
Code: 3607V035
Czech title: Geotechnika
English title: Geotechnics
Study period: 4 years
Guarantee department: Department of Geotechnics and Underground Engineering
Guarantee: doc. Ing. Karel Vojtasík, CSc.
Key words: tunels, underground structures, geotechnics, inverse analysis, fundaments of buildings
Branche profile: Developing and deepening expertise in selected segments of geotechnical engineering through active participation (head investigator members of the team) on research projects, grants or other forms of statutory R & D activities conducted under the authority of the VSB - TU Ostrava. The result will be output in the categories of recognized rating methodologies of research results. Student will gain practical experience in the implementation, organization and management of R & D programs. Increase your expertise and ranks among the professionals in the segment. His professional work and its results will contribute to their professional development. Results of student’s R & D activities will augment R & D evaluation of the workplace grade (departments, faculties and universities).
Vocational knowledge: Theoretical knowledge of graduate achieves the state of art in a given segment of geotechnical engineering in both breadth and depth sufficient for his further independent work.
Vocational skills: Graduate can apply theoretical knowledge in practice. He will be ready and able to take the challenges in new approach to create the out of way solutions and genius methods. He will also be able to anticipate the future business and his activity to aim at long-time target.
Vocational competences: Graduate will be prepared to head a work team. He masters organization, planning, preparing and supervising of the staff. He will be able to promote the achieved outputs in face of the professional public and to give efficient arguments to defend and to promote new solutions and original methods. Free of eny prejudice he will think over whatever impacts of these solutions in a broader context than just a geotechnical point of view.
Alumnus profile: Graduate will find work all around in the geotechnical engineering, with exclusivity for a segment of geotechnical engineering, which was the topic of R & D work carried out during his doctoral studies.

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