Doctoral Study

Detail of study programme

Faculty: Faculty of Civil Engineering
Type of study: Doctoral
Code: P0732D260003
Czech title: Geotechnika a podzemní stavitelství
English title: Geotechnics and Underground Engineering
Study period: 4 years
Guarantee department: Department of Geotechnics and Underground Engineering
Coordinator: doc. RNDr. Eva Hrubešová, Ph.D.
Key words: Geotechnics, Geothermal Energy, Mining Structures, Slope Stability, Underground Engineering
Programme profile: The doctoral (PhD) study programme Geotechnics and Underground Engineering is multidisciplinary and is based on science and specialised technical courses, in which the student will further develop his knowledge and experience acquired in previous studies with the aim of their application in scientific research activities and practise. Research activities are focused on the field of behaviour and properties of geomaterials, geomechanics, advanced technologies of realization of geotechnical, underground and mining constructions corresponding to the development of digitization and smartification of engineering constructions ( including BIM), behaviour of geotechnical and underground structures subjected to extraordinary loads, development of advanced methods of modelling of the behaviour of various types of geotechnical constructions and constructions, issues of energy geotechnics focused on the area of efficient exploitation of geothermal energy and broader implementation of mathematical methods in solving problems of geological and underground engineering. The basic objective of the doctoral study programme Geotechnics and Underground Engineering is to raise qualified specialists who will be responsible for the development of knowledge in the area and other related areas and will be able to apply and further develop theory and new non-traditional progressive technologies and methods in solving professional problems in the fields of geotechnical and underground constructions, foundation, mining structures, environmental and energy geotechnics. The programme is based on an individual study plan. Based on the selected study subjects of the individual study plan and the topic of dissertation, the student focuses on the specific area in which the research activity will take place. The cooperation of doctoral students is foreseen for the scientific and research activities of the supervising departments.
Vocational knowledge: Graduates of the doctoral programme deepen their theoretical and practical knowledge and acquire the skills, knowledge and experience needed for scientific research work in the field of study programme. The graduate of the doctoral study program Geotechnics and Underground Engineering finds the main application in geotechnical companies and companies with a broader building focus, in research institutes and universities and in the control functions at the level of state and local government. The graduate can work as a designer of complex geotechnical and underground constructions, a specialist consultant in various areas of geotechnics (foundation, mining, environmental and energy geotechnology) as well as a scientific researcher and educator in university workplaces. The graduate will also find application in solving complex geotechnical problems related to the depth and surface mining of mineral resources, as well as in solving environmental problems related to the use of rock environment for storage or exploitation of thermal energy. Due to the completed professional linguistic training he will also be prepared for the application in the framework of international working and scientific-research professional teams.
Vocational skills: Graduates acquire skills for independent scientific work and will be prepared to apply acquired knowledge, skills and experience in: • Solution complex problems of geotechnical practice requiring the application of new progressive construction and information technologies (including BIM); • The management of the working team in solving complex geotechnical problems; • Solving and managing demanding research projects, including international projects
Alumnus profile: Graduates of the doctoral degree programme Geotechnics and Underground Engineering are employed as fully qualified specialists in companies with geotechnical and broader building focus, in scientific research institutions and on universities. They have the prerequisites, knowledge and skills for independent scientific and research work in scientific teams as well as teams of design and realization in solving complex problems of geotechnics, underground and mining engineering.

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