Master Study

Detail of study branche

Faculty: Faculty of Civil Engineering
Study programme: Civil Engineering
Type of study: Follow-up Master
Code: 3607T013
Czech title: Městské stavitelství a inženýrství
English title: Municipal Engineering and Construction
Study period: 1,5 year
Guarantee department: Department of Urban Engineering
Guarantee: doc. Ing. et Ing. František Kuda, CSc.
Key words: building information system, spatial planning, technical infrastructure, urbanism, municipal engineering
Branche profile: Master's degree field "Municipal Engineering and Construction" expands the Bachelor study of 1.5 years, it means of 3 semesters. The study volume deepens the bachelor's degree especially in the fields of urbanism, typology and investment processes. Knowledge is then extended to the issue of reclamation of industrial sites, organization and management of buildings, environmental impact assessment and an overview of Civil Rights. The subjects are than accompanied by more knowledge from the urban sociology and demography. The study is completed by processing and defense of the thesis and the state final examination of three profile subjects.
Vocational knowledge: Field of Urban Engineering and Civil Engineering prepares students for careers in a wide range of knowledge from all disciplines of basic construction, but also with the knowledge and relations in the capital construction of complex files, including cities and in securing the investment process.
Vocational skills: Professional skills of graduates can be summarized into the following groups: the ability to participate in the preparation of investment projects, capital construction leadership, the ability to create investment project documentation, ability to handle a professional technical studies, the ability to create strategic and development documents.
Vocational competences: personal management, planning and organizing work, motivating people, dealing with people, presentation, team work, information, analysis and problem solving, decision making, creative thinking, technical competence, computer competence, personal development
Alumnus profile: Graduates will find employment in institutions and companies dealing with investment, engineering and design activities, in the apparatus of state administration and local government at the regional level, municipalities and cities but also in all departments and papers dealing with investments in supply companies, especially in marketing and training and procurement of buildings, the property owners and organizations engaged in property management (real estate agencies, large industrial enterprises, medium and high management of administrative and commercial centers, hospitals, government agencies, etc.).

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