Master Study

Detail of study branche

Faculty: Faculty of Civil Engineering
Study programme: Civil Engineering
Type of study: Follow-up Master
Code: 3607T035
Czech title: Geotechnika
English title: Geotechnics
Study period: 1,5 year
Guarantee department: Department of Geotechnics and Underground Engineering
Guarantee: doc. RNDr. Eva Hrubešová, Ph.D.
Key words: geotechnical structures, geotechnics, underground engineering, tunelling, foundation engineering
Branche profile: Field of master study of Geotechnics takes one and half years. It takes the Geotechnics bacherol degree up. The knowledge aquired in the bachelor cource of geotechnics is further developed in two trends. First it intensifies more the fundaments adopted befor to achieve an advaced level in them. Secondly it concerts fundaments to see the geotechnical engineering in its complexity and also optionally it proceeds some geotechnical affaires that can became the graduate future employement after finishing study. The master study terminates with a thesis defence on a geotechnical topic and with a comprihensive examination in tree geotechnical matters. The acquired knowledge is sufficient to take up a professional work on upper lever in the geotechnical practice. The master study constitutes a takeoff for a succesfull live long individual professional perfection. The best graduates can continue on Doctor study.
Vocational knowledge: Graduate has a broad knowledge not only of the basic geotechnical disciplines, but also from a number of specialized disciplines that reflect the contemporary state of knowledge in the field and is enable to solve complex geotechnical problems. Graduates demonstrate a broad knowledge of theories and methods of the field, but is able to effectively implement activities and findings of other related disciplines.
Vocational skills: Based on the knowledge of the field of study the graduate is ready to a comprehensive solution of the theoretical and practical problems with using the latest knowledge in the field. It is able to apply advanced methods and new practices and attract new original information, which may contribute to the further development of the field Geotechnics.
Vocational competences: Graduate is poised to decide independently and responsibly to address the problem, flexibly and effectively respond to newly contexts and conditions of realization. In this context, it is able to specify and coordinate the professional activities in compliance with the changing context and resource availability. It is able to present own professional opinions and those opinions are also advocating. Graduates are prepared for professional communication in at least one foreign language and are motivated to further develop professional knowledge and skills.
Alumnus profile: Master degree in the field of Geotechnics is widely used by national and foreign companies engaged in geological and geotechnical survey, businesses in the implementation, design and scientific research. Graduates have the option to obtain authorization degree in the field of Geotechnics.

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