Master Study

Detail of study branche

Faculty: Faculty of Civil Engineering
Study programme: Civil Engineering
Type of study: Follow-up Master
Code: 3607T036
Czech title: Dopravní stavby
English title: Transport Constructions
Study period: 1,5 year
Guarantee department: Department of Transport Constructions
Guarantee: doc. Ing. Ivana Mahdalová, Ph.D.
Key words: intersections, traffic engineering, railways, roads, urban roads
Branche profile: The MSc study programme Construction for Transport Engineering is a 1.5 years taught course and is follow-on of the corresponding BSc programme. The modules are focused on the design, execution and investment activity in the construction sector. The content of the modules follows on and broadens the knowledge acquired during the previous BSc study programme. Following courses are included: Superstructure and Substructure, Projection Railway Center, Design of highway and Motorways, Roads, Traffic Building, Urban Intergrated Traffic Systems, Mechanization and Organization for Traffic Builgings. The programme is completed with a diploma project and a final state examination.
Vocational knowledge: Broad and deep knowledges and understanding of the subject and scope of the field corresponding to the contemporary state of knowledges, understanding of theories, concepts and methods relevant contemporary state of knowledges in the field. Understanding the options, conditions and restrictions on the use of knowledge related fields.
Vocational skills: Separately identify and creatively using the expertise to solve theoretical or practical problem in the industry. Independently and creatively solve complex problems using selected theories, concepts and methods of discipline. Use some of the advanced research approaches in the field means capable of acquiring new original information.
Vocational competences: Independent and responsible decisions in new contexts or changing or radically changing environment, taking into account the wider social implications of decisions. By developing relationships and resources available to define the terms of reference for professional activities, coordinate them, and bear ultimate responsibility for their results. Clearly and persuasively communicate both professionals and the wider public, their own professional opinions. Using his expertise, technical skills and general competence in at least one foreign language. Plan, manage and promote the use of theoretical knowledge, gaining additional industry expertise, skills and competencies of other team members.
Alumnus profile: Master's degree graduates will be equipped with the necessary theoretical and technical knowledge will find application in the preparation, design, construction, road maintenance and construction equipment, construction and modernization of regional and high-speed rail lines and integrated transport systems.

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