Master Study

Detail of study branche

Faculty: Faculty of Civil Engineering
Study programme: Civil Engineering
Type of study: Follow-up Master
Code: 3607T040
Czech title: Prostředí staveb
English title: Building Environment
Study period: 1,5 year
Guarantee department: Department of Building Environment and Building Services
Guarantee: doc. Ing. Iveta Skotnicová, Ph.D.
Key words: Laboratory of Building Services, Alternative and Renewable Energy, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Energy Systems of Buildings, Structural modeling of physical phenomena
Branche profile: The program of the courses is structured so that students learn in the proposed structures and buildings to install equipment, which creates a comfortable living. These installations include: installation of drinking and hot water, sewage systems, buildings, heating and ventilation, gas distribution to the gas facilities and security, electrical installations in buildings, room lighting (daylight and artificial) noise reduction (both outside and inside buildings) and reducing the thermal performance of buildings (energy balance of buildings, buildings in low-energy standard). It belongs also to the security of buildings against the effects of lightning, explosion and gaseous media, against the entry of undesirable persons. Students are acquainted with the certification of products, ways to reduce emissions of heat sources and evaluation of emission load.
Vocational knowledge: The master´s field of study „Building Environment“ takes 1,5 years and is follow up to the bachelor´s field of study Building Environment. Structural of the subjects is oriented to the designing and realization in civil engineering. The fields of study includes these subjects: Building Physics, Daylight and Acoustics, Climatization and Ventilation, Alternative Sources of Energy, Power Supply System of Buildings, Low Energy Buildings. The master´s study is concluded by Diploma Project.
Vocational skills: Students learn to: design of Building Services (heating, ventilation, sanitary, electrical, etc.), and propose to use unconventional sources of energy for construction, process expertise in the field of building energy and thermal engineering of buildings, building acoustics and daylighting
Vocational competences: Graduates can further deepen their knowledge of doctoral studies in the field of study Theory of Structures.
Alumnus profile: Graduates can apply in the following professions: Designing buildings (building complex, technical solutions) Design of Building Services (heating, ventilation, sanitary, electrical, etc.) Design and consulting activities in the field of thermal engineering, acoustics, lighting, building energy, energy auditing Management of buildings State administration Assessment of safety of buildings, equipment and emission load

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