Master Study

Detail of study programme

Faculty: Faculty of Civil Engineering
Type of study: Follow-up Master
Code: N3607
Czech title: Stavební inženýrství
English title: Civil Engineering
Offered study branches: Building Constructions
Building Environment
Building Materials and Diagnostics of Structures
Industrial and Building Constructions
Municipal Engineering and Construction
Transport Constructions
Study period: 1,5 year
Guarantee department: Department of Building Constructions
Guarantee: prof. Ing. Radim Čajka, CSc.
Key words: building management, sustainable construction, building-up, area, risk analysis
Programme profile: Master's degree programme in Civil Engineering is designed as 1.5 years. After graduating student will receive the title engineer (Ing.). Master's Degree program mostly follows the bachelor study. It focuses on building construction, building construction, geotechnical, construction materials, transport engineering and transport engineering, environment, buildings, urban architecture and engineering, industrial and civil engineering, which focuses on the issue of industrial estates. The program is designed in a structured three degree system of education, students can study during their studies at foreign universities in various programs, especially in ERASMUS.
Vocational knowledge: Broad and deep knowledge and understanding of the field. Understanding theory and scientific knowledge and concepts of the problem. independent and creative solutions to the problems and the tasks assigned. Using advanced research techniques.
Vocational skills: Individual decision-making skills, ability to apply scientific and theoretical knowledge in the new environment and address new challenges. Coordination of work and results, accountability for results.
Vocational competences: Individual team leadership, coordination, solution, explanation, creativity and creative skills, lecturing, communication in foreign languages​​. The ability to further education, prediction for study in doctoral programs.
Alumnus profile: Graduates will find opportunities in a wide range of construction disciplines. In the production and production departments, the preparation and construction, the surveyor's office, in the research, creative and innovative institutions.

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