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The Department of Building Construction was established on 1 October 1998 by a separation from the Department of Industrial and Building Engineering of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Technical University of Ostrava. The head of the department was appointed doc. Ing. Dagmar Matoušková, CSc., Who headed the department from October 1, 1998 to September 30, 1999.

The department is the guarantor of the accredited master's study program Industrial and Structural Engineering (1,5-year course, Ing.), The bachelor study program Preparation and realization of constructions (4-year course, Bc.) And the follow-up master's degree 5 years, Ing.). Within these fields of study, the aim of the department is to prepare construction experts who are able to work in the field of design and execution of building construction.

Head of department:

  • (1998-1999) Ing. Dagmar Matouskova, CSc.
  • (1999-2000) Ing. Josef Šamánek, CSc.
  • (2000-2001) Ing. Ladislav Stepanek, CSc.
  • (2001-2006) Ing. Alois Materna, CSc
  • (2006-2010) Ing. Darja Kubeckova Skulinova, Ph.D.
  • (2010 - 2013) Marcela Halirova, Ph.D.
  • (2013-2014) Ing. Darja Kubečková
  • (2013) Ing. Karel Kubecka, Ph.D.
  • (2014) Zdenek Perina, Ph.D. (in charge of management)
  • (2015 - now) Ing. Jaroslav Solař, Ph.D.