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The Department of Transport Engineering was established on April 1, 1998, when a number of teachers working at the Department of Geotechnical and Underground Engineering passed to the Department. Historically, the first head of the newly established department was prof. Ing. Vladimír Tomica, CSc., Whose former location was the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University of Žilina. During his time, the department was staffed with other experts, mostly from practice. He was subsequently replaced by doc. Ing. Jaroslav Broul, CSc. Other heads of the Department of Traffic Engineering are apparent from the following overview:

  • (1998-1999) Ing. Vladimir Tomica, CSc.
  • (1999-2006) Ing. Jaroslav Broul, CSc.
  • (2006-2007) Ing. Miloslav Rezac, Ph.D. (in charge of management)
  • (2007-2015) Ing. Ivana Mahdalova, Ph.D.
  • (2016 - 2017) Ivan Fencl, Ph.D.
  • (2016 - 2017) Ing. Miloslav Rezac, Ph.D. (in charge of management)
  • (2018 - present) Ing. Vladislav Krivda, Ph.D.