About the Unit

This Unit was formed to provide technical support for the maintenance and Internet access to all computers throughout the Faculty of Civil Engineering, including a University-wide Centre for Information Technology, and including the technical support for specialist subjects, in the computer-based teaching within the Faculty.

Besides these technical aspects, the Laboratory teaches computer-related subjects, using computers during practical engineering, particularly for the drawing of 2D and 3D plans and the designs of building, including visualisations, rendered images, animations, insertions into a real photograph and so on.

Five computer-based teaching rooms make teaching possible for the ever-growing number of subjects that require access to computer technology. All computer teaching labs are equipped with sufficient computers and overhead projectors. The sixth IT laboratory is available to students for individual study. All computers in this laboratory are loaded with most of the software that is used during teaching. It also has laser printers and colour plotters.

The unit works closely with all departments of the Faculty of Civil Engineering in teaching students, and for the further education of Faculty staff.

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