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Laser colour A3 and A4 SafeQ printing in classroom A208

  • You must have money in your account to print!

SafeQ LPA208 (Name of printer)

Print Price:

A4 black and white - 0,90 Kč
black and white A3 - 1,80 CZK
colour A4 - 3,60 Kč
A3 colour - 7,20 CZK

PLOTER large format printing (max A0, roll width 914mm) (room A207/1)

Rules for printing on plotters

  • You must have money in your account to print!
  • Each drawing must be stamped with the school stamp with the name of the owner of the drawing!
  • Mis-sent and spoiled drawings are also subject to payment, except for drawings that run out of paper or otherwise fail the plotter.
  • Plotter operators are responsible for plotter operation only.

Types of plotters

Inkjet (Colour printing possible)

Name: HP T930
Max width 914 mm, HP paper weight 80g/m2

Laser (Black and white printing only!!)

Name: ROWE
max width 914 mm

We recommend printing individual drawings separately - print in progress cannot be cancelled!!!
Copying, enlarging/reducing drawings and colour scanning are also possible on the ROWE plotter.
The specific printing procedure can be found on the PC desktop. Ideally, prepare a PDF in the correct format (A4 - A0).

Price of printing

Printing is paid only in cash! When picking up the drawing from the plotter, please tell the operator your user name, length of the drawing in dm, number of drawings. There is no price difference between black and white and colour printing.

Printing vector graphics (lines, drawings)

Uniform price - 6Kč per dm

Full surface printing (Posters for school/educational use)

Single price - 30Kč per dm (B1 - 300Kč)