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Laser color A3 and A4 SafeQ printing in classroom A208

• To print, you must have deposited money in your account !
• Printer name on PC: SafeQ LPA208
• Print Price:

black and white A4 - 0,90 Kč
black & white A3 - 1,80 Kč
color A4 - 3,60 Kč
color A3 - 7,20 Kč

PLOTRY large format printing (max A0, roll width 914mm) (room A207)

Printing rules on plotters
• To print, you must have deposited money in your account !
• Each drawing must have a school stamp with the name of the drawing owner!
• Private, commercial printing and copying are prohibited.
• Incorrectly sent and corrupted drawings apply except for drawings that have run out of paper or otherwise have failed the plotter.
• Operation of plotters ensures only their operation.

Types of plotters
Ink (Color Printing Option)
Title: HP T930 - 36 “(914 mm) roll

Laser (Monochrome only !!)
Title: ROWE
24 ”(620 mm) roll
36 ”(914 mm) roll

We recommend printing individual drawings separately - printing in progress cannot be canceled !!
Copying, enlarging / reducing drawings and color scanning is also possible on the ROWE plotter.
The specific printing procedure differs depending on the program from which it is performed. The procedure of printing from individual programs is discussed in the lessons of the study!

Price of printing

Printing is paid only by cashless transfer! When retrieving a drawing from the plotter, report to the operator your username, the length of the drawing in dm, the number of drawings. There is no distinction between black and white and color printing.

Printing vector graphic

Roll 620 mm - 2, - Kč per dm
Roll 914 mm - 3, - Kč per dm

Print full area

Roll 914 mm - 30, - Kč per dm