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The staff of the department solves a number of research tasks in the following areas of structural mechanics:

  • advanced static analysis of timber, steel, masonry and composite materials by the finite element method,
  • physically and geometrically non-linear modeling of static behavior of building structures,
  • development of methods for assessing the reliability of building structures,
  • Chloride diffusion modeling and durability analysis of concrete structures
  • Numerical modeling and experimental verification of turbulent flow and investigation of its influence on flow-through structures,
  • analysis of the effect of temperature load and fire on building structures,
  • probabilistic modeling of fatigue damage propagation of cyclically loaded steel structures and estimation of their residual service life,
  • analysis of vibration and dynamic response of building structures.

These problems were and are being solved within the research projects of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic, the Student Grant Competition of VŠB - TU Ostrava and conceptual research from institutional support of VŠB - TU Ostrava.