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The international scientific conference Structural reliability is focused on the following topics:

  • reliability and probability tasks in mechanics,
  • general requirements for the reliability of structures,
  • identification, quantification and modelling uncertainties,
  • loads of building structures and their extreme load effects,
  • modelling of structural resistance,
  • accidental design situations,
  • time-dependent reliability and service life of structures,
  • Bayesian approach to modelling of structural reliability,
  • reliability of structural systems,
  • robustness of structures,
  • reliability analysis using random fields,
  • normative rules and standards for evaluating the structural reliability,
  • reliability assessment of existing structures,
  • risk analysis and risk assessment,
  • reliability assessment of structures in forensic engineering.

Actual Annual

The next annual of international scientific conference STRUCTURAL RELIABILITY will be held on May 2022. More information comming soon.

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