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Ocelová výztuž dlouhých důlních a podzemních děl při mimořádných zatíženích
The proposed project aims to create a methodics for a static analysis of steel arc reinforcements of Iong nderground openings in the situations when large deformations occurs (it is in cases of extraordinary loading). The metodics will respect the contact between a reinforcements and a rock (including passive and active forces, one-directional supports), the influence of very large deformations (that are comparable with size of the structure), changes of the cross-sections and non-lincar constitutive law (that should be based on a data from experimental testing). The changes of cross-section and the non-linear constitutive law will be included to the analysis through the so-called substitutive bending stiffness that depends on structure's internal forces. The substitutive bending stiffness will be verified through comparison of numerical tests with data from experimental testing (bending tests). The developed metodics will be included in the specialized software that will be able to work on common personal computers. Analysis of exceptionalloading of steel arch supports of long mining and underground structures will help in the control of problems that are evoked by undergroun stresses. Thus the problematics (that has character of a basic research) will help in the areas that are very importatn for the safet of mining and underground engineering.
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