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Study materials

It is possible to use electronic versions of scripts for courses Mathematics I, Mathematics II, Statistics and Descriptive Geometry.

English Study Materials English Study Materials

Courses in English

Code Title Type of study
230-0305/02 Applied mathematical sciences Follow-up Master
230-0305/04 Applied mathematical sciences Follow-up Master
230-0322/01 Applied statistics Bachelor
Follow-up Master
230-0322/02 Applied statistics Bachelor
230-0400/02 Basics of Mathematics Bachelor
230-0400/04 Basics of Mathematics Bachelor
230-0241/06 Descriptive Geometry Bachelor
230-0241/08 Descriptive Geometry Bachelor
230-0242/04 Descriptive Geometry Bachelor
230-0441/03 Descriptive Geometry Bachelor
230-0441/04 Descriptive Geometry Bachelor
230-0304/04 Engineering Mathematics Follow-up Master
230-0304/06 Engineering Mathematics Follow-up Master
230-0541/02 Geometry Follow-up Master
230-0442/02 Geometry with Computer Bachelor
230-0442/04 Geometry with Computer Bachelor
230-0261/02 Interpolation and Approximation of Functions Doctoral
230-0266/02 Linear Algebra Doctoral
230-0262/02 Mathematical methods in safety engineering Doctoral
230-0264/02 Mathematical Methods in Safety Engineering Doctoral
230-0201/08 Mathematics Bachelor
230-0201/10 Mathematics Bachelor
230-0201/12 Mathematics Bachelor
230-2302/01 Mathematics 2 Bachelor
230-0307/01 Mathematics I Bachelor
230-0404/02 Mathematics I Bachelor
230-0404/04 Mathematics I Bachelor
230-0202/08 Mathematics II Bachelor
230-0202/10 Mathematics II Bachelor
230-0202/12 Mathematics II Bachelor
230-0308/01 Mathematics II Bachelor
230-0405/02 Mathematics II Bachelor
230-0405/04 Mathematics II Bachelor
230-0265/02 Numerical Methods Doctoral
230-0325/02 Numerical models and applications Follow-up Master
230-0325/04 Numerical models and applications Follow-up Master
230-0205/02 Probability and Statistics Bachelor
230-0205/04 Probability and Statistics Bachelor
230-0403/03 Special Topics in Mathematics Follow-up Master
230-0403/04 Special Topics in Mathematics Follow-up Master