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We know how to set priorities even in interpersonal relationships. In order to ensure it we have to adhere to certain rules.

We have our principles

We ask all visitors of the campus of VSB - Technical University of Ostrava to adhere to the following rules:

On the whole campus area it is forbidden to:

  • smoke
  • damage campus equipment and facilities
  • soil the campus area, throw litter outside the provided litter bins
  • play loud music or the radio, and other acoustic devices
  • let dogs and animals run free on the campus
  • drink alcohol
  • use drugs, toxic or psychotropic substances
  • sleep and build shelters or overnight accommodations, camp out or bivouac
  • park in unmarked locations

Without the prior written consent of VSB-TUO it is not permitted to:

  • perform any promotional or recruiting events
  • stick up posters, invitations, leaflets, etc.
  • locate points of sale, advertising promotions, information or other devices
  • fly unmanned aircraft (functional air models, drones, multicopters, etc.)
  • use open flames

The visitor rules of VSB-TUO proceeds from the obligations laid down by law. Their observance is supervised by employees of VSB-TUO who are authorized to warn the visitors to adhere to the rules, or eventually to order them off of the campus. Any infringement of the rules will be handed over to the City Police of Ostrava.

Contact for detailed information: