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Year 2019

The specialized guarantor of the contest is the dean of the faculty - prof. Ing. Radim Čajka, CSc.

The organizing guarantor of the contest, chairperson of the SVOČ Commission and member of SVOČ Council of faculties of Civil engineering in CR and Slovakia is Ing. Miroslav Rosmanit, Ph.D. Other members of the organizing board are doc. Ing. Vít Křivý, Ph.D., Ing. Stanislav Endel, Ph.D., Ing. Filip Khestl, Ph.D., Ing. Lukáš Ďuriš, Ph.D., Ing. Filip Čmiel, Ph.D., Ing. Petra Tymová, Ph.D., Ing. Jan Petrů, Ph.D., Ing. Lenka Lausová, Ph.D., Ing. arch. Kateřina Riedlová, Ph.D. a Ing. Filip Čmiel, Ph.D.

Organizational back-up provision

  • The date of the faculty round of SVOČ is April 26, 2019.
  • The international round of SVOČ takes place at University in Žilina on May 16, 2019.
  • Entering for the faculty round of SVOČ can be done by e-mail or personally to the head of particular section by 2019-04-15.
  • The deadline of submission of electronic version of work is April 24, 2019, 2 p.m., either by e-mail or personally to the head of particular section (format DOC and PDF).
  • One copy of printed version of work must be handed to members of judging board on the day of faculty road (plastic comb binding or similar soft binding).
  • Internal regulation of SVOČ of Faculty of Civil Engineering VSB – TU Ostrava [PDF]
  • SVOČ work template [DOC]
  • Template of SVOČ work abstract

Extent and form of works

The extent of individual work is limited to a maximum of 20 pages of text, appendices included. The file should be saved as a DOC and PDF format called: section_surname_name (without diacritical marks). Appendices (designs, tables, graphs) must be a part of the document.



Section I.

Engineering Constructions

doc. Ing. Vít Křivý, Ph.D.

Section II.

Urban Engineering

Ing. Stanislav Endel, Ph.D.

Section III.

Building Materials

Ing. Filip Khestl, Ph.D.

Section IV.


Ing. Lukáš Ďuriš, Ph.D.

Section V.

Building Constructions

Ing. Filip Čmiel, Ph.D.

Section VI.

Building Services

Ing. Petra Tymová, Ph.D.

Section VII.

Transportation Structures

Ing. Jan Petrů, Ph.D.

Section VIII.

Structural Mechanics

Ing. Lenka Lausová, Ph.D.




Ing. arch. Kateřina Riedlová, Ph.D.

Section X.

Building Economics, Management and Technology

Ing. Filip Čmiel, Ph.D.

Regulations of Rewarding

  • 1st place – 3 000 CZK
  • 2nd place – 2 000 CZK
  • 3rd place – 1 000 CZK
  • Participation – 300 CZK

International SVOČ Contest 2020 takes place on 14 May 2020 at Faculty of Civil Engineering of VSB - Technical University of Ostrava.