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The aim of the follow-up Master's program is to prepare graduates for activities in the construction industry, for which they acquire theoretical and professional knowledge and skills. Graduates will acquire advanced knowledge and skills in the following areas: design, assessment and implementation of steel, concrete, timber and composite structures; loading of building structures; mathematical modeling of structural behavior, structural behavior in extreme conditions, including fire resistance of structures and rehabilitation and reconstruction of buildings.
The newly proposed follow-up master's study program Construction of Building follows the specialization Construction of Building within the newly proposed bachelor program B3607 Civil Engineering. During the three-semester study, the graduate will significantly expand and deepen his knowledge in virtually all areas of design and assessment of building and engineering structures, including bridges.


The graduate will be acquainted with the methods of designing structures of buildings, industrial and technological buildings and bridges of reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, but also steel and wood-based materials.
All professional subjects dealing with the design and assessment of building structures are inherently linked to theoretical subjects in which graduates acquire practical skills for performing static and dynamic calculations based on the Finite Element Method and the use of computer technology, including modern software. The graduates will become familiar with advanced modeling of statics and dynamics of building structures and also with automation of static checks. The study also includes subjects dealing with the mechanics of materials, probabilistic calculations in civil engineering and demanding computer systems for special tasks.