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contact person Ing. Marie Kozielová ,   Tel:   420 597 321 987

Laboratory equipment:

Equipment for testing sliding joints

  • Measurement of temperature-dependent rheological properties at normal and outdoor temperatures

Equipment for testing the triaxial state of masonry elements

  • possibility to change size of prestressing forces, size of anchor plates, size of vertical load
  • possibility of measuring at multiple points in masonry joints by means of potentiometric sensors


  • ensuring measurement of experimental samples at temperatures in the range of -20 to + 40 ° C

Thermoregulation station

  • temperature control directly in the sliding joint

Strain gauge station Spider 8

  • measuring electronics for electrical measurement of mechanical quantities such as stresses, forces, pressures, paths, accelerations  
    and temperature

Position sensors FWA100TR - potentiometric sensor with spring-loaded measuring rod

  • measuring range: 0 ... 100 mm / resolution 0.01 mm

Temperature sensor

DataLoger - data logger



Students can participate:

  • Preparation of asphalt strip samples
  • Preparation of concrete blocks for measurement of sliding joints
  • Measurement of sliding joints as a function of temperature
  • Calculation of shear stress in sliding joint
  • Mathematical modeling of sliding joints in dependence on temperature