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Department of Building Materials and Building Diagnostics cooperates with the following subjects:

  • ČKAIT - training, consultation
  • Czech Concrete Society CSSI - training, publications, diploma theses of students
  • National logging cluster, zs - excursion, scientific activity, training, publications
  • WTA CZ Scientific and Technical Society for Building Remediation and Preservation of Historical Monuments - scientific activity, publication
  • Mining Union - excursion, professional cooperation
  • ŽPSV, sro, Uherský Ostroh - professional cooperation, diploma theses of students
  • BETOTECH, sro - excursions, diploma theses of students
  • Cement Hranice, as - consultations, excursions, student practice, diploma theses
  • PORFIX CZ as Ostrava - consultations, excursions of students
  • AGRITEC, Research, Breeding and Services, Ltd. - publications, professional cooperation, diploma and doctoral theses
  • Vodní sklo, as - consultation, professional cooperation
  • Českomoravský beton as - consultations, excursions, student practice, diploma theses
  • Hutní montáže, as - cooperation in the field of diagnostics of building structures
  • Metrostav, as - cooperation in research work on tunnel lining measurements
  • INGENIA wooden buildings - Ing. Roman Václavík - scientific cooperation, excursion, provision of educational samples
  • Sedlecký kaolin, as, Božičany - publications, seminars, diploma theses
  • SG - Geoinženýring, sro - scientific cooperation
  • Weineberger sro - diploma theses, student excursions
  • BASF Building Materials Czech Republic, Ltd. - consultation, professional cooperation
  • Bochemie, as - scientific cooperation
  • Statutory City of Ostrava - cooperation on project solutions
  • Statutory city of Ústí nad Labem - cooperation on project solving
  • IURS - Institute for Sustainable Development of Settlements - cooperation on project solutions
  • DIAMO, sp - cooperation on student education
  • Charita sv. Alexandra - cooperation in student workshops
  • Moravskoslezské Investice a Development, as (MSID) - cooperation in education and management of students