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The Department of Building Materials and Building Diagnostics is one of the founding departments of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava. The original pedagogical and scientific focus of the department on mining engineering has been transformed and is now fully structured in accordance with the latest trends in construction.

In the field of pedagogy, the department provides education in the bachelor, master and doctoral level of university studies. Educational and research activities of the department are interconnected within the framework of bachelor, diploma and doctoral theses of students, but also within the framework of professional activities and cooperation with state administration bodies and construction companies.

In the fields of science and research, the department develops topics of silicate, composite and non-traditional building materials, as well as the issue of the use of renewable building materials, waste and reducing the impact of buildings on the environment.

Diagnostics of buildings and building materials in structures is a field of multidisciplinary character. In the field of building materials diagnostics, the Department's research is focused on the investigation of the structure of building materials by scientific analytical methods such as thermal analysis, microscopy and infrared spectroscopy. Building construction diagnostics focuses not only on detection methods, but also on response analysis using modern methods such as optical fiber systems.

Head of Department of Building Materials and Building Diagnostics:

  • (1997-2001) doc. Ing. Vaclav Cepek, CSc.
  • (2001) Assoc. Ing. Petr Martinec
  • (2001-2006) Ing. Jiri Luks
  • (2006-2012) Ing. Martin Vavro
  • (2012-2016) Ing. Libor Zídek
  • (2016 - present) doc. Ing. Vlastimil Bilek, Ph.D.