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Laboratory of Building Materials is a workplace for teaching subjects

  • building materials
  • concrete and mortar technology
  • technical measurements and diagnostics
  • remediation technology
  • technology of building components
  • use of building materials
  • transport engineering

The laboratory also serves students of bachelor's, master's and doctoral studies for elaboration of bachelor's, master's and doctoral theses.

The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment for testing of building materials

  • aggregates
  • cements and mortars
  • of concrete
  • asphalt
  • timber and timber products
  • ceramic products
  • of metals
  • fly ash and cement-fly ash mixtures

The research activities of the laboratory are focused on cooperation with researchers of grant projects of the Czech Science Foundation and projects of other institutions (ČBÚ, MIT). In addition to teaching students, laboratory staff process reports, articles, and laboratory reports as part of research tasks and business activities.

The laboratory offers services

  • testing of physico-mechanical properties of building materials (aggregates, cements, concrete, ceramic materials, asphalts, wood and metals) ie - compressive, tensile, modulus of elasticity and deformability
  • testing of building elements made of concrete, wood and ceramics
  • testing of resistance and waterproofness of concrete and fiber concrete
  • designs of concrete and fiber concrete mixtures incl. conclusive and control tests
  • diagnostic methods of evaluation of buildings and building materials in situ incl. sampling of cores by non-destructive and destructive methods
  • development of new building materials

The laboratory cooperated on projects in solving scientific tasks

  • GACR No. 103/03/0221
  • ČBÚ č.36-05
  • ČBÚ - VVUÚ No. 48-06


  • set of presses 2, 5, 10, 40 N - 10 kN with PC outputs 300, 400 and 4000 kN with PC outputs
  • freezing boxes
  • seepage stool
  • concrete mixers
  • mixers
  • asphalt testing equipment
  • test stand with a span of 3.5 m
  • blast furnace chamber 1200 ° C
  • Charpy's hammer
  • wood drying room
  • Los-Angeles drum
  • non-destructive testing apparatus
  • drain test equipment
  • equipment for testing mortars and concrete