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Teaching of geotechnics at VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava has more than half a century tradition. The basic geotechnical disciplines have been lectured here independently, comprehensively and regularly since 1955, when a new department called Department of Mining Construction was established by separation from the Mining Department. The task of this department was to educate technicians with university education in the areas of design and construction of underground mines and opencast quarries, mining geotechnics and underground construction. In the following years the further development of the department responded to the current needs of the company. The program of teaching has been modified and extended several times with new courses with the aim of achieving a wider application of graduates in practice, especially in the areas of geotechnics, underground and ground construction. After the foundation of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava in 1997, the department was transferred from the Faculty of Mining and Geology, of which it was a part, to the newly established Faculty of Civil Engineering and now bears the name of the Department of Geotechnics and Underground Construction. The head of the predecessor of the present department was replaced by many important experts at the Faculty of Mining and Geology (Prof. Kittrich, Prof. Novotný, Prof. Moučka, Prof. Šiška, Prof. Aldorf). 1991-1994 Dean of HGF was a long-term employee of the department prof. Ing. Karel Exner, CSc., Who contributed significantly to the preparations associated with the establishment of an independent Faculty of Civil Engineering. The first head of the Department of Geotechnics and Underground Engineering at the Faculty of Civil Engineering was prof. Ing. Jiří Horký, CSc., Since 2007 head of the department doc. RNDr. Eva Hrubešová

Head of department:

  • (1997-2007) prof. Ing. Jiří Horký, CSc.
  • (2007 - present) doc. RNDr. Eva Hrubešová Ph.D.