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  • research of properties and behavior of soil materials
  • advanced methods of foundation engineering, progressive foundation structures, interaction of foundation structure with subsoil
  • new technologies and materials for the construction of geotechnical and underground works
  • designs, calculations and assessment of geotechnical structures and reinforcement of underground works
  • mathematical modeling of geotechnical processes and structures, including stochastic modeling
  • modeling of hydrogeological processes and processes associated with heat transfer in rock environment
  • geotechnical monitoring, including measurement of natural, technical and mine-induced seismicity
  • energetic geotechnics (geotechnical aspects connected with geothermal energy acquisition, energetic geotechnical constructions, reservoirs of energetic products,…)
  • environmental geotechnics (assessment of slope stability, slope remediation, flood dams, contaminant spread,…)