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Within the framework of its pedagogical and scientific research activities, the Department cooperates with a number of specialized geotechnical companies, with companies with a more general construction focus and also with scientific research organizations. Companies and organizations with the largest scope of cooperation include:

  • Metrostav as
  • Austin Denonator, Ltd.
  • Czech Mining Authority
  • DHI as
  • Diamo, state enterprise
  • Minova Bohemia spol. sro
  • G-Consult, spol. sro
  • SG-Geoengineering, Ltd.
  • Geoengineering, spol. sro
  • The State Office for Nuclear Safety
  • Green Gas DPB as
  • Severoceske doly, as
  • SG Geotechnika as
  • INSET, SPOL. sro
  • Subterra, Inc.
  • Radioactive Waste Repository Authority (RAWRA)
  • K-GEO sro
  • Unigeo as
  • Institute of Geonics AS CR, vvi

Every year, the department co-organizes an international professional seminar “Strengthening, anchoring and sealing rock mass and building structures” and every three years the international conference “Geotechnics” ( conferences and seminars ).