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Your scientific or professional results in the field of civil engineering can be published in our peer reviewed journal Transactions.


Czech Concrete Society Awards

The prestigious titles awarded by the Czech Concrete Society within the_competition of Excellent Diploma and Doctoral Theses
go to the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

The Prestigious International No-Dig Award 2017 goes to the Faculty of Civil Engineering

Student of Geotechnics at the Faculty of Civil Engineering has received the prestigious No-Dig Award 2017.

International Students' Competition in_Scientific and Professional Activities

Students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering achieved excellent results in_the international round of the students' competition.

Success in Young Architect Award 2017

A graduate of the study programme Architecture and Civil Engineering at_the Faculty of Civil Engineering has received the Young Architect Award 2017.

Reinforcement, Sealing and Bolting of the Rock Mass and Engineering Construction

Colloquium focused on new materials and technologies for stabilization, bolting and injecting of engineering structures and rock massif.

Modelling in Mechanics

Traditional meeting of Czech and foreign academics and researchers which is organized by the Department of Structural Mechanics and_Department of Building Structures.

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