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Master programmes

Architecture and Construction

The two-year master's degree in Architecture and Civil Engineering is a continuation of the four-year bachelor's degree in Architecture and Civil Engineering in the same field of study. The emphasis in the master's study is on architectural design and building disciplines, which are an integral part of every construction work. The two-year program includes courses in architecture and urban design with a major emphasis on studio work. The studio also includes interior design.

Civil Engineering - BIM Engineering

The two-year Master's program emphasizes the coordination of construction processes within the BIM information environment and the digitization of construction.
A graduate of the BIM engineering Master's program will find employment especially in companies designing and realising constructions or in companies providing facility management and comprehensive real estate maintenance not only with implementing BIM method.
Graduates of this program can continue in the doctoral study program Civil...


Civil Engineering - Building and Industry Construction

The master study programme Civil Engineering - Building and Industry Construction lasts 1.5 years. It is focused on designing and realization of building constructions (residential buildings, civic amenities buildings, industrial buildings and agricultural buildings). The graduate gains employment in the design organizations and in the construction of buildings. After obtaining the required experience, the graduate can get the authorization degree according to Act 360/1992 Coll. in the field of...

Civil Engineering - Building Environment

Within the follow-up master study program Civil Engineering - Environment of Buildings, students are prepared for application in the areas of designing and realization of technical equipment of buildings (sanitary facilities - water supply, sewerage, heating, air conditioning, cooling), design of energy efficient and intelligent buildings, design and assessment of healthy indoor environment and energy auditing.

compressive strength test

Civil Engineering - Building Materials and Diagnostics of Structures

Graduate of the master study program Civil Engineering - Building Materials and Diagnostics of Structures will acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge in a variety of study activities including excursions, field lessons, realisation of testing methods by modern equipment and also theoretical lessons with participation of practice experts. The characteristic is an individual approach, which corresponds to the conception of final work based on practice requirements and especially the...

Numerical modeling

Civil Engineering - Building Structures

The Civil Engineering - Building Structures program is prepared as a 1.5 year master's program. It is focused on designing and implementing demanding structures of civil, industrial, engineering and transport structures. Theoretical disciplines in the field of strength and elasticity, finite element method and building dynamics are deepened. These findings are applied in the design and assessment of reinforced concrete, masonry, steel and timber structures and bridges.

Civil Engineering - Geotechnics and Underground Engineering

Why is it appropriate to study this study program?

-perspective multidisciplinary study program focused mainly on:
• foundation engineering
• stability and rehabilitation of slopes, embankments of traffic roads, earthfill dam
• tunnels and other types of underground structures
• evaluation of transport processes in the rock environment, including thermal processes associated with geothermal heat exchangers
• technical seismicity
• technical blasts and their effects
-the unique study...

 Miniature MSI

Civil Engineering - Municipal Engineering

The field of Urban Engineering hides the issue of decision-making about the placement of buildings and water supply, electricity, gas, drainage, etc. To solve these problems, it is necessary to know all technical and non-technical possibilities in the territory, composition and population needs and legislation. The field also deals with the environment and landscape. The view is focused not only on the surroundings of the buildings but also on the interiors where it is necessary to respect the...

Roundabout - Great Britain

Civil Engineering - Transport Constructions

Within the framework of the follow-up Master's degree program Civil Engineering - Transport Constructions, the students are trained to apply in the field of transport structures in a wide range of activities in the design, construction, maintenance and administration of transport structures and constructions (roads, motorways, bridges, urban roads, crossroads, , stations and sidings, public transport facilities, etc.). Furthermore, in the field of transport engineering, students focus on...