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Important information about Coronavirus

Important information about Coronavirus for students and employees.

For students:

From 11 March 2020, the personal participation of all students in the class will be cancelled until further notice. You will be informed about the substitution of tuition as well as the next steps by e-mail.

Prohibition of personal participation of students in the University premises includes both tuition (e.g. in the form of lectures, seminars or consultations) and taking examinations.

VSB-TUO will also keep the website up to date.

Information for students about the course of the semester during the coronavirus epidemic (current information on 31 March 2020)

For employees:

In accordance with the Resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic of 15 March 2020 No. 215 on the adoption of a crisis measure, the Rector obliges VSB-TUO staff to use the possibility of home office to the largest extent possible if employees can perform work at their place of residence, namely from 17 March 2020 to 31 March 31 2020, inclusive. The Rector's order lasts until 30 April 2020.

In connection with the Government measures, all events of more than 30 people held on the premises of VSB-TUO, event. organized by VSB-TUO, are cancelled with immediate effect.

From 11 March 2020, the personal participation of all students in the class will be cancelled until further notice. 

For all:

From 13.3.2020 rector imposes a ban on entry for all foreigners coming from risk areas to the premises of all VSB-TUO  campuses, with the exception of foreigners staying temporarily over 90 days or permanent residence in the Czech Republic. 

During the period from 17th March to 30 April 2020 the following restrictions will apply at the University:

  • the buildings will be closed, only the gatehouse with 24/7 operation will work (building A, EKF, FAST, FBI),
  • cafeterias and other catering facilities with the exception of the University canteen will be closed, opening hours of the canteen will be rescricted, it will not be possible to pay cash with immediate effect,
  • working hours of student dormitories will also be rescricted.


Created: 31. 3. 2020
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