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Important information about Coronavirus

Important information about Coronavirus for students and employees.

The ban on personal presence of students at classes from September 23, 2020 to October 31, 2020

From September 23, 2020, from 0.00 am to October 31, 2020, our university prohibits the personal presence of students at classes. The ban on personal presence of students does not apply to:

  • individual visits to libraries and study rooms;
  • individual consultations;
  • testing in the presence of a maximum of 10 persons;
  • laboratory, experimental or artistic work in the presence of not more than 15 persons;
  • clinical and practical teaching and practice.

Rector's order to restrict teaching from 23. 9. 2020

Coronavirus traffic light

Due to the steps of the Government of the Czech Republic and the methodology used in informing citizens about the current epidemiological situation related to the occurrence of covid19, VSB-TUO also started announcing restrictions for individual parts of the university using “traffic lights”. They will respond to regulations and recommendations from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the Regional Public Health Authority of the Moravian Silesian Region, etc. and will use a scale of 0 to 3 to inform about the situation at the given workplaces. The aim is to avoid, as far as possible, a general restriction on the operation of the entire university. The occurrence of the disease at one of the external faculties located outside the campus may not be a reason for the closure of the entire university, and vice versa. For individual “traffic light colours”, the Rector's order also determines the instructions that the students, staff and external visitors to the university buildings should observe.

In addition to the VSB-TUO Coronavirus Traffic Light, this extraordinary measure of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic is in force, which orders the obligation to wear respiratory protection in all internal areas of the university from 10 September 2020.

Traffic light map

Rector's order to the Coronavirus traffic light of 14. 9. 2020

Information for students:

If you are a student of VSB-TUO and you have a positive test for COVID-19 or you have been ordered quarantine, fill in this information in information system:

Report COVID-19

Instructions for students arriving without a valid negative covid-19 test carried out in the Czech Republic (countries needing a covid-19 test for entry)

Rules for accommodation in connection with the epidemiological situation (COVID-19)

Information for students about the course of the semester during the coronavirus epidemic (current information on 11 May 2020)

Information for students about online learning opportunities

Information for employees:

With effect from 23 September 2020 from 0:00 am until the revocation of the emergency measure of the Regional Hygiene Station in the territory of the municipality of Ostrava, events are prohibited or restricted by prohibiting 1,000 participants from participating at the same time, if the event takes place mainly in outdoor areas, or 500 people, if the event takes place mainly in indoor areas of buildings. If more than 100 people are present at the event outdoors, they must have respiratory protection. Respiratory protection always applies to indoor events.

Information for teachers about the possibilities of online teaching

Information for all:

Statutory declaration for entrance on events


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