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VSB-TUO Succeeded in the National Quality Awards of the Czech Republic and Won the Excellent Organisation Award

VSB-TUO Succeeded in the National Quality Awards of the Czech Republic and Won the Excellent Organisation Award
VSB – Technical University of Ostrava became the Absolute Winner of the National Quality Award of the Czech Republic in the EXCELLENCE programme on Wednesday, 19 May 2021.

The University received the “Excellent Organisation” award and an international certificate issued by EFQM “Recognised for Excellence5 Star”.

The University received several awards in the past, for example, in the category Public Sector –  Small and Medium-sized Organisations, where it became a Socially Responsible Organisation of the second degree. In previous years, it also received the international award Committed to Sustainability 2Star.

The national awards of the Czech Republic are announced by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) and the Quality Council of the Czech Republic. This year’s jubilee 20th year had four main categories: for quality in the EXCELLENCE programme, for quality in the START PLUS programme, for social responsibility, and for quality in a family business. Internationally recognised awards have been won not only by entrepreneurs, but also by public sector organisations based on the EFQM model, i.e. an assessment of how well they meet the needs and expectations of customers, clients and employees, how efficient, productive and innovative they are. „National quality awards are awarded annually in more than eighty countries around the world according to the international EFQM recognition schemes, which are based on the EFQM model of excellence. External evaluations will tell companies whether they are on the right path to excellent results, how they stand in the Czech competitive environment, and whether they have the potential to improve and develop,“ says Silvana Jirotková, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade for Economic Policy and Entrepreneurship and the Chairwoman of the Czech Quality Council.

National Quality Award of the Czech Republic EXCELLENCE programme:


1st place Prague 13 City District, Prague 13 City District Office

2nd place State Land Office

3rd place Liberec Region, Regional Office of the Liberec Region


1st place Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech, s.r.o.

2nd place Kaufland Czech Republic v.o.s.

3rd place Kermi s.r.o.


1st place VSB – Technical University of Ostrava

2nd place Higher Vocational School, Secondary School, Elementary School and Kindergarten Hradec Králové, Štěfánikova 549

3rd place Secondary Vocational School of Energy and Construction, Business Academy, Secondary Medical School Chomutov, p.o.

ABSOLUTE WINNER of the Excellence programme: VSB – Technical University of Ostrava.

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